Services We Provide:

Claims submission

Great Lakes can enter all new patient information and submit primary and secondary claims to the appropriate carrier via electronic or paper claims.

Patient statements

Each month Great Lakes will generate and mail patient statements. There is no additional cost for materials or postage.

Patient billing questions

Patients can call our toll-free number with any questions regarding their claims or statements. Ensuring that your patients are satisfied with the billing process is extremely important to Great Lakes. Questions are answered courteously and every effort is made to provide your patients with a satisfactory answer.

Posting of payments to patient accounts

Increased revenue collection begins with accurate accounting. We will design a process that works best for your practice and ensures we get all the information needed to maintain accurate accounts.

Tracking of all accounts

We follow-up on all insurance claims not paid in a timely manner. If there is a reason for a slow pay, we will address it for you. All denied and rejected claims are investigated and resubmitted if possible. Nothing is written-off without your approval. Depending on your collection policy, if after 90 days an account is still outstanding, we can provide you with a list of individuals eligible to be reported to a collection agency.

Monthly practice reports

Great Lakes can provide a wide variety of reports on a regular basis. These reports are designed to keep you informed of your practice’s financial status. Reports allow you to break down financial activity by day or month, track insurance claims and patient account aging, identify slow payers, identify production by provider, procedure and insurance to name a few. Monthly reports are available online.